How to make a green screen for cheap!!

The first step before you can start making green screen videos is to build your green screen. Building yourĀ  own green screen is not really hard or complicated and if you’re smart it can also be really cheap!

To learn how to make my green screen what I did is simply search youtube for “how to make a green screen“. You will see that tons of people have made video tutorials about how to do it in your own home using simple materials. I would even recommend searching for “how to make a green screen for cheap“.

But in case you dont feel like spending the time of watching a bunch of videos I will resume the process for you.

Basically what you need to make your own green screen is something of the proper green, or blue to cover an area behind and under you. It could be a large fabric, many fabrics sewn together, poster papers, paint, there are many options.

Here is an example of a green and a blue professional green screen to show you the colors that you need.

you can click the image to see the page to buy those on amazon

Some people have built their own green screen using neon green poster paper (lots of people on Youtube) other people have built their green screen just by getting a big piece fabric of the proper color. Personally I went for the big piece of fabric and installed a long pole on my wall, this way I can pull down the green screen when I need it and roll it back up when I want to put it away.

You will need to make sure the green screen is big enough to not only cover the wall behind you but also a large enough area under your feet, this way you will be able to film your entire subject and remove all the image around him, keeping even his feet. So you can place the whole subject in another video.

Its important to know that you do not need to get exactly the right color! the closer the color is to the professional green screen, the better the results will be, but if the green or the blue is a little bit off, it will work anyways, you can even actually just film yourself in front of a white wall with no green screen at all and quite efficiently remove the background around the subject but the result will be unprofessional (and maybe even a little psychedelic), if that’s what you want, go for it! But if you want a clean, professional result, you need to make sure you use a green or a blue that is close enough to the colors of the professional green screens. The reason why these colors work better is because those colors are not found at all in the human body. However you must also make sure to avoid those colors in your clothes! that can also help you decide if you need to go for a blue or a green screen. For example if you want to dress as a leprechaun and film it with the green screen, you may want to go for a blue screen.

Once your green screen is setup learn how to film your video in order to work with the green screen.

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